Anonymous: The star, wheel of fortune, justice

The Star: someone you think is perfect: // kels probably (she told me 2 say that) ((no she didn’t)) (((yes she did)))

Wheel of Fortune: something you wish you could change: // idk this makes me feel sad lol

Justice: a decision you wish you could do over: // haha this also makes sad sry idk idk

Thank u for the q’s~*

Anonymous: The Empress and The Emperor

The Empress: a woman you really admire: // Beyoncé tbh of course

The Emporor: a man you really admire:
// I really admire Milan Kundera’s works as an author


Nicki Minaj x Sandro Botticelli
dirtyvalkyrie: The hermit

The Hermit: favorite way to spend the day alone? // probably the way I did the other day, which was by wearing an outfit I really liked as walking around town buying nice small things for myself (lipstick, a bottle of coke, etc) and then going to do things I don’t normally do with other people like just walking around petco or target idk just nice little things

Thank u for the q